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Gymnastics (parent)

Karina P.

My competitive gymnast daughter began working with Emily a couple of years ago, after dealing with some mental blocks on skills.  She has come so far in terms of confidence and mental toughness since she began her athlete mental coaching journey!  The tools she has been given are invaluable not only for her gymnastics career, but as general life skills outside the gym as well.  I highly recommend Champion Mindset Consulting for any athlete - not just those struggling - to help them reach their full potential.



Abi W.

Mental training has helped me drastically. I have learned how to control my emotions with different personalized techniques that help me stay calm and collected. Learning time-management and scheduling is another thing that has helped me. It keeps me organized and stress-free when I have a lot on my mind. I am able to find the good in the bad days that I experience, and I don't get down on myself when I have a rough day. Learning how to use imagery and visualization has helped me stay calm and remember that I know what to do in situations, instead of thinking that everything could go wrong. I now feel motivation to keep striving to the top and look forward to what the future has to bring!



Christian W.

I'm on the National Olympic Karate Team for my home country Guatemala, and my dream is to attend the Olympic Games. Not long ago, I was struggling to perform well, and was having internal battles that made it really difficult for me to fight and achieve the results I wanted. I found Emily and told her about my situation and she told me she could help me out. Accepting her offer was definitely one of the best decisions I've made in my life. With Emily's mental training program, I can now see the things that are not ideal in my mind, and develop strategies to overcome the obstacles inside my head. All of the things I've learned so far with Emily have made a huge change in my performances. I have had much better outcomes in tournaments and have learned to enjoy my sport and competing even more. You have to be right in your mental game to be successful in anything you do in life. I'm excited to keep working with Emily, as I feel I'm overcoming obstacles more often and getting better and better every time.



Claire A.

Mental training has improved and changed my mindset completely. After an injury put me on the sidelines from ballet, I decided to to work on my mental performance. I learned so many techniques for the mind that made my performance stronger and calmer. I was able to come back to ballet with more confidence, and now I have tools that I use everyday!



Sophie O.

Champion Mindset Consulting has been the best thing for me as an athlete. I have  learned so many different ways to be mentally and physically strong for my sport. The tools and techniques that I have learned from Emily has helped me grow to be a more confident athlete on and off the court. Having Emily’s help especially during the pandemic with all its challenges, has been priceless.



Victoria C.

I began working with Emily to learn techniques to be confident and calm in my competitive gymnastics meets. I worked throughout the season on various mental tools that helped me achieve my best gymnastics. For my most important meets, I felt relaxed and confident thanks to my work with Champion Mindset. Emily offers so many great techniques for mental toughness and positivity. As well, Emily always made sure to check in with me and offer advice. I highly recommend Champion Mindset to any athlete!

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Gymnastics (parent)

London T. 

My daughter has been seeing Emily at Champion Mindset Consulting, for a while now. She loves coming to her and always leaves feeling motivated, encouraged, and ready to tackle her obstacles. We can see and feel the difference in her confidence and her ability to deal with stress from her sport since coming to CMC. We love CMC and recommend it to everyone!


Gymnastics (parent)

Tatum K.

Emily has been invaluable in helping our daughter develop the mental skillset needed to perform and compete in the higher levels in gymnastics. We are truly grateful for her and all she has done for our athlete. She is very professional and her communication is always outstanding. We have already recommended her to all her teammates parents!

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Lacie S.

The skills that Emily has shared with me have helped me to achieve new goals physically, but more importantly, mentally. This has been a great tool to overcome tough obstacles and challenges that have been placed in my way. I am so grateful for Emily’s support and guidance.



Skylar M.

Emily has helped me so much with my mental skills while being a high level tennis player.I have encountered many injuries and emily has helped me get through everyone with the right mental skills and knowledge.The skills champion mindset has given me and resources have helped me grow mentally on and off the court.The skills and knowledge i have gained from emily coaching me will help me not only for the rest of my tennis career but the rest of my life.Champion mindset is the best of the best!


Ballet (parent)

Abi B.

Emily with Champion Mindset Consulting is incredible. If you have a competitive Athlete that needs that extra edge this can make the difference. The skills that Emily teaches are not only applicable to the sport but will be life long skills. We are so grateful to have found CMC!

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