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About Emily

Emily has a passion for helping athletes perform their best and achieve their goals. She is a firm believer that strength comes through trials, and that one can excel in their goals, regardless of how big, with the right mindset. 

Emily holds a Master of Arts in Sport and Exercise Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology- Exercise Science. She is a professional member of both the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and the American Psychological Association- Division 47 (Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology).


She is a former dancer who focused heavily on ballet, among other disciplines. She was in a pre-professional ballet company for a handful of years, and is married to a former collegiate soccer player. While she loves working with "performing" athletes (dancers, gymnasts, etc.), she has a huge heart for sharing her experience and knowledge of Mental Performance Coaching with athletes of all sports and levels. 

Her vision behind creating Champion Mindset Consulting LLC is to make Mental Performance Coaching accessible to all athletes. 

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