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One-on-One Coaching sessions are offered in-person for those local to the DFW area, or by video conference calls for those not local to DFW.

City Central- Legacy office:

6010 W. Spring Creek Pkwy.

Plano, TX 75024

Initial Evaluations are complimentary and can be scheduled under the "Schedule Now" tab. During the initial evaluation, parents are requested to accompany any minors. After the initial evaluation, athletes may come on their own. Please take this into consideration when scheduling. 




Mental Performance Coaching sessions are offered in packages. Payments are run automatically, per session, through the online portal at Midnight CST following the athlete's session. Each session is 50 minutes long.

Package pricing:

  • First Time Athlete 10-Session Package: $175/session  ($1750 total)

  • First Time Athlete 15-Session Package: $150/session  ($2250 total)

  • First Time Athlete 20-Session Package: $125/session  ($2500 total)

  • Renewing Athlete 10-Session Package: $150/session  ($1500 total)

  • Renewing Athlete 15-Session Package: $125/session  ($1875 total)

  • Renewing Athlete 20-Session Package: $100/session  ($2000 total)

Please Note: I recommend gymnasts & dancers begin with a bundle package. The bundle packages provide a more convenient & cost-effective option to begin mental performance training. Gymnasts & dancers who begin with a bundle package, and choose to continue one-on-one coaching sessions afterwards, are able to bypass the "New Athlete" pricing and go straight to the "Renewing Athlete" pricing!

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